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Connecting with consumers and moving them to action is a big challenge. Here’s your chance to sponsors a new high-tech way to involve consumers with your products in unique coverage of America's largest tradeshow – the Consumer Electronics Show: CES 2010.

Tens of thousands of consumers follow Tech Podcast Network (TPN) show floor coverage of CES because it features real tech personalities in the thick of the event, jostling with crowds - seeking out unique, innovative and unusual products. TPN coverage of CES offers authentic insight into products and tech trends, not canned coverage written from the protected Press Room.

Your Company Can Be A Part of our Team for CES2010. and Expand Your Show Impact. We will merge your companies advertising message and media deliverables with our unique event coverage that will connect you with consumers and decision makers worldwide. As a bonus, your product and message will framework CES2010 in “behind the scenes” TPN BackChannel reality coverage available nowhere else – in any media format.

Even if your Company is Not Exhibiting at CES2010, this is a sponsorship opportunity for you to leverage your promotional budget with New Media, gain exposure for your product or service, and see CES 2009 returns flow all year long through experienced New Media CES coverage community interaction.

Personal Invitations from your Techpodcast Network CES Hosts

Todd Cochrane: Geek News Central

Thanks for considering sponsorship support for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show with TPN. On this website, you’ll find some history of our unique coverage of CES for the past three years. You can see how we have grown – and we are confident that our coverage of CES2009 will be the best yet !

Andy McCaskey: SDRNews

It’s exciting to see growth in listener and viewer interest in our CES coverage each year, and to be able to combine CES Coverage with other TechPodcast Network events. Make us a part of your CES 2010 promotional plan !
Jeffrey Powers: Geekazine

The time to grow your idea is now. Getting an audience is the key. This TPN coverage (and backchannel coverage) will give you that exposure. I can say from personal experience that it helped me grow my brand.

Andy McCaskey, Todd Cochrane and Jeffrey Powers independently produce the SDRNews, Geek News Central podcast and the Geekazine Podcast.

In their fifth year of production, their shows are among the longest running well established podcasts in the world. In January 2006, they teamed up for pioneering coverage of CES, seeking out smaller companies, startups and unique products. They decided to report on the most innovative products of the show, not from the press room or pre-produced materials, but from the show floor, in one-on-one formal and informal discussions.

Andy, Todd and Jeff's distinctive interview styles offer good balance and contrast. Commentary ranges from highly technical to simply informative, with audiences fiercely loyal to the different personality and style of each host. Companies exhibiting at CES now seek each host out for personal yet professional New Media coverage. And, interviewed companies receive direct benefit. Over 235,000 customer leads have been turned over to companies interviewed at CES2008 by our team, through our proprietary feedback system tied to product video at the show.CES2009 leads are now being processed

The Hosts

The Show Coverage

TPN coverage includes three video elements - “Pick of the Day” feature episodes, Product Interviews, and a high interest Backchannel.

TPN Pick of the Day: (TPOD) Each day that CES Show Exhibits are open to the public, we produce a single 10-15 minute video covering five to seven product or demo highlights. After good natured debate and competition on the pros and cons, the most interesting product of the day gets a full interview feature.

Released in the early evening hours, this video immediately grabs huge viewer interest. The five 2008 Pick-of-the Day TPOD videos were viewed over 135,000 times each within 72 hours of release.

Product Videos: (PV) Andy and Todd do well over 120 product interviews at CES, both from the show floor and at evening “Press Only” events. Interviews are shot with Pro-HD Cameras and Pro Audio gear. The product videos which are then professionally post-produced, tagged, and released a few videos at a time, starting a week after the show.

TPN CES coverage has extremely long shelf life, due to the search engine visibility and product tagging SEO strategy we employ on each interview released. Coverage from the 2008 event is still seeing strong view activity nine months later.

BackChannel Videos: (BC) In 2008 Andy and Todd added a third content stream, the reality back channel. Backchannel videos show the process we go through to plan and execute during the event. It keeps viewers and listeners emotionally engaged in the struggle to cover such a massive event. It highlights the hard work, boredom, excitement, challenge, aggravation, frustration, anger and exhaustion faced by the team. In 2008 we released nearly 40 hours forty hours of un-edited back channel content.

Viewers worldwide loved the back channel videos. We plan on expanding the back channel coverage in 2009.

Some of the content may be live streamed, and we will use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Seesmic to keep our viewers engaged, for interactive questions, and soliciting video feedback questions from our listeners that will be embedded in the Backchannel videos re-release, which occurs in the months following CES.

Our Fourth Year of CES on-site Coverage

Fox Business Channel recognized our unusual coverage in 2008, and featured Todd on Fox iLive for an extended segment. TPN coverage on the floor in less traveled portions of CES gives viewers listeners content unlike any other - cool products and services that main stream media ignores.

Comments from Viewers Around the World on our 2009 Coverage

//Todd and Crew,

I have been watching all of Back Channel videos marathon style on my TV. The content is outstanding and I just want to thank you for all the videos. As you know there are a lot big podcasters covering CES, but I think you guys have the best stuff. I enjoyed the spontaneous aspect of the videos, as a few times you guys were caught off guard. Like the two blondes, and the foul mouthed bartender. Very funny stuff. A suggestion for the name, perhaps you could call it geeknewscentral:Unplugged or TechPodcast:Unplugged. Again, I thank you for all the great content, I actually feel like I was traveling with you guys at CES.

Tom T..//

How the Sponsorship Works

It’s simple: you pay a flat rate and get your company’s advertisement integrated into TPN content. Your ad deliverables are negotiated through a standard insertion order. You have opportunity to add B-roll video, interactive features such as SMS embeds, and other creative techniques.

The 2008 Sponsors GoDaddy and Apivision, Inc ( opted to be the sponsor for the entire 2008 coverage. Their advertising message was placed in over 120 videos reaching tens of millions of viewers. 2007 Sponsor Hitachi featured pre-produced video advertisements in addition to personal mention. Our 2006 sponsor was Citrix, Inc (GotoMeeting) .

Available Sponsorships

Exclusive: Your Company will be the exclusive sponsor of our 2009 CES event. You company will be the sole sponsor of the event coverage with the exception of the back channel coverage.

Partner: Your Company and one other will get equal advertising in all of the coverage of content we create at the 2009 Consumer Electronic Show with the exception of the back channel coverage.

Back Channel: Your Company will be a non-exclusive sponsor of the 2009 Back Channel coverage at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Up to five Backchannel sponsor slots are available. Portions of the Backchannel that are streamed are also included..

For more details, contract discussion and questions contact Todd Cochrane @ 808-741-4923 Contact us today

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